What are the top bet types everyone should know?

Bet types are markets which are given by different bookies to ensnare bettors to their platforms.

Depending on the type of games you want to play, there are several types of bet types which are available.

This write up will be dealing with bet types available for soccer betting such as matched betting.

Corner Bet Type

Corner bet type is very important but complicated bet types which are available on different bookies platforms. In this bet types, you can choose either the home team will win the total amount of corner to be played in the match, the away team to win the corner or there will be a tie in the number of corners played by both teams. Also available is the over and the under types of total corners played in the match. For most bookies, they start with 7.5 corners till 12.5 corners. You have to be very careful when playing corner types because it is very unpredictable, however, you should look at the stronger side, and because it is more likely the stronger team will win more corners than the weaker teams. Also, some bookies offer types like the first and last team to play corner kicks, so you can look it out.

Over and Under Goals

This betting type is a goals market which means that a total number of goals will be scored by either team or both teams. This market usually starts from 0.5 goals,1.5 goals,2.5 goals,3.5 goals,4.5 goals and 5.5 goals. There are certain leagues which are known for scoring lots of goals, there a smart bettor will look succinctly at such leagues and play them. It is also known that women football produce more goals than men football that should be noted. Leagues that produce lots of goals include but not limited to Dutch league, Bolivian league, wales league, and Belgium league. However, sometimes it is not by the leagues, it comes down to if a stronger team is playing a weaker team. For instance, if PSG is playing Reims in the French Ligue one, then the probability that there will be a huge number of goals is high. It I also possible to play under goals, you will have to look at leagues like Iran, Syria, Paraguay, Venezuela, and Argentina.


For handicap bet type, what this implies is that a certain number of goals is given to a supposed weaker team against a stronger team. What this bet type means is that for instance if Manchester City is playing burley, burley might be given two goals ahead and the bettor will still carry Manchester city to win. Meaning Manchester city is two goals down. To win that type of bet Manchester city has to win with more than three goals difference. Sometimes you can also back a weaker team not to lose heavily, for example, if you give Everton two goals ahead of Chelsea, and you can still back Everton to win. However, you have to be careful with this bet type because injuries might crop up and red cards which might not make such matches even.

Goal Goal (GG)/Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

This is a very common type of betting type made available by bookies, in this bet type, it is expected that both teams score at least a goal each to make winning possible. To win this type of bet, you will need a final scoreline like 1-1,2-1.1-3.2-3,2-6.7-1 etc. You have to look at both teams playing well to determine if both of them are the type that scores freely and looks at the defense of both teams. If for example, Barcelona is playing Real Madrid then it will be advisable to play this type of bet, or if Liverpool is playing Arsenal football club, this bet type will be advisable. Look at the following leagues for a high success rate of this bet type, Swiss leagues, England North league, and Dutch leagues.

Double Chance

Double chance is a bet type that makes it possible for you to play safe in case, a team fails to win. In this type of bet, you play that a team wins r draws with its opponent. Most punters and smart bettors play this type of bet to increase their chances of winning in case a team stumbles and fails to garner the maximum points to a relatively weak team. A perfect example is when a team like Juventus is playing a boogey team like Napoli at home, while Juventus is a stronger side, Napoli is definitely not a push over, therefore it will be smart to play the game Juventus win or draw the match to be on the safe side.

In conclusion, whichever betting type you choose, it will be advisable to do enough research on the teams playing and their recent forms to be able to determine which betting type suits you. You can get accurate tips using soccer predictions from our site