A lot of individuals rely on their intuition or gumption when it comes to football hints and tips, however, some websites and individuals give out tips on football betting, how then does one know which of these football tips is reliable and genuine?


You can follow these steps:


  1. Track record of the website giving the tips


Someone who advises one on an issue will have to show he or she is not just giving advice, he is also making use of the advice. It will be erroneous to follow tips from naysayers who are all mouth and no action, doing this will be disastrous in the long run to ones betting career. Giving. You can’t just sit in a corner and start giving tips and hints without making use of them yourself. Whoever must give football betting tips must clearly show his winning track records and betting history. A failure has no right to be dishing tips to customers. Only one with a good track record of his winnings can be trusted when accepting football tips


  1. Are the tips fixed games or analyzed games?


Let us, first of all, get this clear, there are Fixed games, however, one should be wary of the type of fixed games he or she is introduced to. Anyone who promises to give fixed games for a little fee or free of charge is either lying out rightly or been economical with the truth. There are fixed games in the sense of it, but these fixed games are so much shrouded in secrecy that unless you are directly involved, you won’t know about it. It is illegal to fix games and the penalties are severe. Fixed games are run mostly by mobs who are very careful, therefore any tom, dick and harry who promises to give fixed games should be labeled a fraud. Imagine how a fixed game will be sold for as cheap as 5 dollars…this can never be genuine. It is advisable to use one’s imagination, intuition, and gumption when following games because the mind and heart never fails



  1. The anonymity of the giver

Openness in any business Endeavour should be followed encouraged, therefore anyone giving football betting tips should be open and not secretive. Giving out contact and handles will make the bettor more appreciative of the tip giver, in case there are positive feedbacks which need to be provided. I understand that some people are afraid of giving out information online, however as long as you are on social media, people should be able to contact you, what if they have an issue or bug they need you to fix, what if they need to recommend you to a friend or family. He or she should provide personal contact details and social media handles in which people can get to them. Any website or individual giving football tips which refuses to divulge such information has something to hide and should be avoided.




  1. Avoid football tips from bookmakers

Bookmakers tend to attract more people to their business by giving football tips on their website, there are some bookmakers who have a platform they dedicate to giving out daily football tips, please take a time out and follow the bookmakers giving tips, 80% of such tips never come true, this is a fact, not fallacy, no sane bookmaker will give out good tips to bettors, their aim is for you to lose, and lose heavily have come across various bookies who dish out various football betting tips on their different social media handles and platforms can guarantee you that those football tips are not well analyzed. Bookies only make a profit. Therefore run away from any bookie that gives tips and hints in a football bet.


  1. Positive feedback from users


A proven football tips website or individuals will have a very large feedback base from verified users. Therefore always check positive vibes that contribute to comments before believing a tip is genuine or not. This is because most websites give fans opportunity to comment whether they tips they give out came out positive or negative. Therefore anyone looking for tips should first of all go to the website forums to check whether the feedbacks given to the website is positive or negative.


Without much ado, my advice to bet lovers and punters alike to seek for football betting tips giver that are honest and have a good relationship, one that is not proud and is smart. One can actually also analyze game himself, the choice is yours.