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the 5 bet types everyone should know

5 Bet Types You Should Know

What are the top bet types everyone should know? Bet types are markets which are given by different bookies to ensnare bettors to their platforms. Depending on the type of games...
complete list of betting resource for beginners

The Complete List of Betting Resources for Beginners

Looking for the best betting resources? When it comes to sports betting, there are different schoolof thought. A lot of people think it is a matter of luck, other think it isscience.
guide to matched betting for beginners

Matched Betting – The Complete Guide to Matched Betting

How does matched betting work? Matched betting started a long time ago in the United Kingdom when the bookies online market became exceedingly competitive and they tried to increase bettors’ lists by offering various...


Newcastle 3-2 Everton: Ayoze Perez scores twice to cap superb comeback

Newcastle produced a rip-roaring comeback from 2-0 down to bulldoze Everton 3-2 and make it five wins on the spin at St...