An Italian football supporter has died of his injuries after being knocked down by a van amid violence ahead of a match in Milan against Napoli.

The 35 year-old man, who was with a group of Inter Milan fans, was taken to hospital in the northern city on Wednesday evening but died in hospital.

The clashes took place not far from Milan’s San Siro stadium before a Serie A game.

Four Napoli fans were hurt and one of them was stabbed, police said.

The clashes took place in a street a few minutes’ walk from the San Siro stadium, reports said.

Around 10 minivans carrying Napoli supporters arrived around an hour before the match and evaded police security checks near the stadium.

The vans were surrounded by more than 100 people armed with sticks. Two people appeared to be knocked over, and one of them taken to hospital with critical injuries.

The man who died has been described as an “ultra” from the town of Varese to the north of Milan who was given a ban six years ago for his part in clashes at another Inter match. Italian reports named the victim as Daniele Belardinelli, aged 35.

It is unclear how he was knocked down.

Police told reporters he had not been hit by a minivan from Naples and that they were studying CCTV footage of a dark SUV at the scene.