How does matched betting work?

Matched betting started a long time ago in the United Kingdom when the bookies online market became exceedingly competitive and they tried to increase bettors’ lists by offering various incentives which include, promotions and special bets.

Match betting is what we call arbitrage promotional offer, which is not popular in the gambling world.

Moreover, matched betting markets which include the likes of Bonus Money take this betting market to a higher level.

Using statistical models and computations in order to earn less, it helps punters envisage that this type of betting has tremendous prospects.


Betting companies offer various betting incentivesto entice gamblers and bettors alike to their online platforms. Matched betting signup bonus is often in the form of a generous bonus bet. Also, bookies try to encourage faithful customers by offering promotions on a regular basis to existing customers. These promotions are valuable for usage as a benefit by betting with a particular betting company and building the same option off on the Betfair exchange.

Matched Betting as a market is a reliable betting technique used to gain tax-free profits from the free bets & incentives put forward by online Betting companies. This type of market is based on an easy risk-free technique rather than therefore the probability that you will gain from itis very high. Learning about this option will be beneficial to every punter available no matter how little they know about soccer betting.

In matched betting, we have three basic categories:

1. Explanation of Matched Betting

2. How to meet mandatory rollover or Place Qualifying Bets

3. How to bet on free bets.

What Is Matched Betting?

Matched bet entails placing two divergent stakes to remove your risk. This is actually a very easytask.

1. A bettor will place a bet for an outcome to come to pass.

2. A bettor will bet against an event not to occur

Now note that the two bets placed cancel each other out, which implies that youbreak even. No gain, no loss. But does breaking even help you financially? The obvious answer is no!

It is for this reason that you have to mix the‘Matched Bet’ with the free Bet promotion offered by the Bookie. By doing so, your matched bet immediately looks promising financially. This isn’t the typical betting that is known, this is what we call Matched Betting.

Requirements to start a Matched Betting:

To make adequate profits from matched betting, you need some required information which includes:

1. A fully funded Betway account (or other favorable betting exchange)

2. A fresh and genuine Bookie account where a free bet is offered for signing up. (You will have to Google-up “free bets “to find one.)

3. Funds to deposit in the bookmakers’ account.

If you are naïve about the availability of the various types of free bets offered from various bookies. MY little explanation below will elucidate the concept clearer.

There are basically two cases which apply to Bookie Free Bet/Promotions. They are:

1. A bettor must meet a “Rollover Requirement”. In this case, you must have deposited funds into the account of the bookie and this ‘Free Money’ must be credited before any of your bets were placed. You must have placed a total sum of eligible stakes before a certain withdrawal can be allowed (e.g. Bet365, betway, and Betfair).

2. You must also “Qualify” for a Free Bet. This is where a bookie makes it mandatory that customers must place a type of “qualifying bet” using their own funds before being he/she can be credited a Free Bet. Often this type of bet is called “Stakes Not Returned”.

Whichever case you are facing, your first aim should be to limit risk and minimize your loses. While the second objective is to gain from the free money given by the bookie.

You can only do this by “matching” your bets in the next step.

To start exploring matched betting, it is important you get acquainted with the type of sports in whichto match your rollover.

How to Select the Right Sports Event to Bet On?

Matching your bet will require that the Bookie& exchange (Betway) odds are of similar odds. This is very important.

For instance, if a bettor places a qualifying bet at the Betting company by backing the Gunners to beat ManchesterCity at decimal odds of 2.45, whilst Laying Manchester City at odds of 2.90on the Betfair exchange. The bettor is, in fact, canceling out the Back bet by betting against Manchester City on the exchange.

However, the problem arises when the difference between 2.45 and 2.90 is big in terms of the odds placed on value. The Bookies price is only 81.1% of the Lay odds on Bet365. This is a very weak match and it is preferable, you want your Lay odds to be more like 2.6 — a 92% match. The closer the odds, the lesser the risk incurred.


If bookmakers refuse to give you free bets, you will earn nothing to play Matched Betting. All that will happen is canceling out of your bets and break even. Therefore free bets are the key to your success in matched betting.

But the exact thorny issue with free bets is that they comewith various tedious and rigid terms and conditions. These terms and conditions state all you need to do to qualify for a free bet, to begin with, various odds that you can bet on, and what minimum requirements have to be met for the bettor to withdraw any funds from the account. Not forgetting, these conditions will tell you how to make your bonuses earn profitable to you in the future.

An example of how free bets are given:

Free bets are promoted for signups in bookies platform and they can be advertised like this:

“bet $35 to get $ 35  free bet (your stakes won’t be returned)

Therefore you will have to bet $35 to get a free bet of the same amount as shown above.

What seems like the real issue in the above scenario is that even if you bet $35, you may still not get a free bet of $35, but then pessimists should not dabble into gambling. Therefore unless you risk $35, you may not stand to gain another fund.

Furthermore, to get the most out of matched betting, you have to have a background knowledge of how betting odds itself works

Betting odds itself is not complicated if you stick with the decimal odds mostly preferred in the UK and Europe. However, if you stick to decimal odds, you should be fine.

An important thing to know is that the higher the decimal odds, the bigger your fund’s payout. Therefore odds of 6.5 gives a greater payout than odds of 2.5 and odds of 2.0 give a lesser payout than odds of 5.0. The key here is not to be greedy and stick to what you know and is appropriate.

You also have to be careful, because of the higher the odds, the less likely of the even to come to pass, and the lower the odds, the more chance of it to come to pass, therefore, you have to be smart, choose wisely and be picky.

Now let us work out a statistical model of what the gain and loss will be based on the decimal odds:

Let us use the formula: “stake x decimal odds”

If the odds you are interested in is 400.0 odds, and you are willing to stake $30 on it, that means you stand to lose $30 or stand to gain $12,000, that’s huge for a bettor, However we are not dealing with risk when we talk to matched betting, we are talking of possibilities.

How to maximize the possibility by choosing the best sports event

Having ascertained that you need a reliable bookmaker and a good betting exchange, let us move ahead with your proposition. The key in Matched betting is the need for the decimal odds of both the bookie and the betting exchanges should be of similar value, this is pivotal for the bettor to maximize profits, therefore nothing short of a 90% difference in the odds value should be entertained. How then do you achieve this?

The oddmatcher tool isan appropriate online tool which helps you to find markets with similar oddsvalue both at the exchange and with the bookie. You can check with a useful website known as It will be of great benefit to you to sign up freely with them to be able to judge them right before having a paid account with them.

Oddsmonkey is one of the biggest online platforms in matched betting analysis and the will give you all the information and resources you need to be successful. You should make use of their matched bet calculator which will let you know how much exactly you will make from the market.

In conclusion, matched betting may not be a popular type of betting market, however, it is genuine and it will do you a lot of good to research further and invest healthily in this market. If done appropriately, it is totally risk-free with a lot of possibilities.